Donation by Kalamper Company to the Social Welfare Center in Bar

In line with our commitment to supporting local initiatives and practicing socially responsible business, Kalamper Company has donated equipment to the Social Welfare Center in Bar. This donation has enabled the establishment of a room where supervised visits between children and their parents can take place under controlled conditions.

In the equipped room, conversations with children will be conducted, and when ordered by the court, supervised visits between the child and the parent will take place under controlled conditions. Such measures are imposed in situations where there is a risk of one parent’s negative influence on the child.

The very idea that our donation could facilitate and enhance the Center’s work, especially in the aspect involving children, was inspiring to us. The donated equipment will enable the Center to provide conditions for smooth operations and quality implementation of activities with children of various categories, thereby improving the provision of services to its users.

Kalamper Company is always ready to act as a partner, providing its knowledge, resources, skills, and support to achieve positive changes in our society together.

We believe that only through collective efforts can we make our community a better place for everyone.