Energy of the Future – Kalamper Super Plus Additive-Enhanced Fuels


Kalamper Petrol is pleased to inform its customers that we now offer a new line of Super Plus fuels, developed with the latest generation of multifunctional additive packages. Thanks to their advanced formula, these premium fuels ensure peak performance for your vehicle and maximum comfort during your drive.

One of the main advantages and features of Kalamper Super Plus fuels is the prevention of deposits and corrosion in the combustion system. This ensures the continuous cleanliness and longevity of your engine. After just one tank of this fuel, you will notice a significant difference in engine power due to the cleaning of injectors and other fuel system components.

Deposits in the fuel system and engine are inevitable, but if they accumulate, they can drastically burden the engine’s operation and reduce its efficiency, leading to frequent breakdowns. Thanks to the special substances in additive-enhanced fuels, you will avoid unexpected engine repairs, clogged filters, and fuel system blockages.

Kalamper Super Plus is an environmentally friendly fuel. With reduced emissions of harmful CO2 and NOX gases by up to 30%, this fuel contributes to environmental protection, making your journeys greener and more sustainable.

Another advantage is significant fuel savings, as a single tank can take you up to 50 kilometers further.

The new types of fuels – Super Plus Diesel and Super Plus BMB98 – are tailored to meet key customer requirements and are recommended for all gasoline and diesel engine platforms.

If you want to enhance the care of your vehicle, avoid frequent breakdowns, and increase its efficiency, Kalamper additive-enhanced fuel is the right choice for you. Using it will make every drive a more pleasant experience.