Welcome to the future of style, comfort and innovative technological solutions!

We present to you our newest construction project, which will be built in the very center of the city of Bar. With only a few exclusive apartments, the project that will bear the name K Center represents a real opportunity for those who strive for luxury, privacy and a high standard of living.

K Center will have a total of 9 floors (ground floor + 9), covering an area of 1663.20m2. It is planned that the ground floor and the first two floors will contain the business premises of our company, while the other floors will have only one apartment each. Six apartments will be three-room structures with an area of 115.10 square meters, while on the top floor there will be a comfortable two-room apartment of 105.8 m2.

K Center is carefully designed and follows the latest trends in architecture and furnishing. To make you feel safe and protected in your intimate corner of the city, each apartment owner will have a personalized elevator card, ensuring that only he can access his floor. Only the finest materials are used in construction to ensure the lasting value of your home which includes:

– Ventilated façade with laminam;

– Multisplit heating/cooling systems with a smart connection system via a phone app;

– Electric card for power control, similar to a hotel system, significantly reducing costs;

– Staircase lined with marble;

– Triple-layered first-class parquet flooring;

– Italian ceramics with Grohe sanitary ware;

– Armored entrance doors.

Now you are just a step away from luxury residences in the heart of the city of Bar, explore the K center in more detail HERE.