Kalamper among the most successful companies in Montenegro

Klamper Company was ranked 23rd on the list of the most successful medium-sized enterprises from Montenegro compiled by Portal Biznis.rs for the year 2022.

Using the unique methodology from the 99 most successful project, and based on verified official business data, the Kalamper company with 150 employees and total revenues of €24,391,627, i.e. net profit of €531,934, earned this position.

According to the published data, only two companies from Bar are ranked on this list in the category of medium-sized companies, while in the category of most successful large companies there is none based in our city.

The data published by the state statistics office Monstat show that the number of business entities in Montenegro in 2022 was 45,675. Compared to a year earlier, this represents a growth of as much as 15.1 percent and is a definitive indicator of the recovery of the economy in the country after two consecutive years of poor results.