Loyalty Program for All Kalamper Petrol Customers!

With the desire to nurture a partnership with our customers and to offer them more, we have decided to launch a loyalty program at Kalamper petrol stations. Thanks to this program, our customers will collect points every time they refuel, which they can then use to enjoy various benefits.

By collecting points on their card, customers can achieve significant discounts and even free fuel purchases if they accumulate enough points. The membership procedure is simple and easy. Anyone who wants to become part of our loyalty program can pick up their card at any Kalamper station within just a few minutes.

If you want to save every time you refuel, get your Kalamper Petrol card and start enjoying the benefits.

Collecting “liters” of fuel on the cards is just the beginning of our loyalty program, as we plan more surprises, prize games, and various benefits for our loyal customers in the upcoming period.

The loyalty program is available at all Kalamper petrol stations – in Bar, Ulcinj, and Virpazar.

We invite all customers to become our loyalty members and start enjoying the benefits as soon as possible!


Fuel up to 10 liters – no points

Fuel 10-20 liters – fixed 0.13 points

Fuel 20-30 liters – fixed 0.27 points

Fuel 30-50 liters – fixed 0.42 points

Fuel 50-80 liters – fixed 0.75 points

Fuel 80-100 liters – fixed 1.20 points

Fuel 100-150 liters – fixed 1.50 points

Fuel 150-200 liters – fixed 2.40 points

Fuel 200-300 liters – fixed 3.50 points

Fuel 300+ liters – fixed 5 points

Points can be redeemed at a rate of 1 point per 1 euro.

*Points collection and spending apply only to fuels!

*Collected points can be used within one calendar year!