A successful summer season in the Hotel Kalamper

This year’s season was a season of success and satisfaction for Hotel Kalamper. The excellent pre-season that started already in April was a prelude to a strong season and its peak. The good thing is that because of the beautiful sunny days of September and October, the summer season still lasts.

This year, the hotel recorded an increase in the number of guests from Poland, followed by Germany, and guests from the countries of the region of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as usual, achieved the highest number of overnight stays. Thus, in this period, Hotel Kalamper recorded over 3.000 guests who spent more than 14.000 nights.

“We are very happy that the duration of the summer season has been extended. This year, we had an excellent pre-season, so the hotel facilities were full from April 15th. A small drop was recorded in mid-June, which we associate with bad weather conditions, but the situation improved with the rise in temperature, so we can say that there are days when it was not possible to find a free place in the hotel”, explains hotel manager Zejnepa Dreković.

All-round investment in improving services is a philosophy that is nurtured in the Kalamper company. Throughout the year, we worked on improving all aspects of our guests’ experience. From modernizing the look of the hotel to empowering our staff with the latest customer experience skills and techniques, our goal is to provide every guest with the very best that the seaside has to offer.

“Every year we have new investments, but this year’s renovation of the Lounge Bar on the roof of the hotel was a real success. We welcomed the guests in a refreshed environment that truly provided an unforgettable experience for all visitors. Carefully selected furniture, details, the concept of an open kitchen, a view of the endless sea, as well as a special selection of food and drinks, made the guests take only the best memories from our hotel”, says Dreković.

Employee education and hotel promotion at numerous fairs are some of the activities that will mark the next period. Preparations for New Year’s Eve are underway, and the atmosphere during the holidays is really special in the Kalamper Hotel, because pleasure and refinement are combined in every detail. We continue to look ahead and make plans for the future. Our goal is to remain the destination of choice for all those looking for a luxurious seaside experience.

If you haven’t yet, we invite you to visit our hotel, where you can enjoy the divine view of the sea and experience a feeling of unique peace. The attractive location on the sea coast in combination with unsurpassed luxury and the abundance of facilities offered by the hotel is the perfect recipe for a dream vacation.