Welcome to the world of our company - a pioneer that has been shaping changes for over 30 years on the Montenegrin market!

From our humble beginnings in 1992 we have continuously grown and developed into a recognized leader in various industrial branches. Our passion for innovation, service excellence and commitment to social responsibility has guided us through a journey of success and lasting positive impact on society.

Continuous successes in the business world have been achieved thanks to following world trends, modern way of working, expansion and improvement of services and activities.

Today, the company Kalamper is recognizable in the field of construction and real estate sales, tourism and catering, as well as the sale of oil derivatives, and it is a leading company in its fields of activity.

The beginning of the business was limited to the transport and retail trade of consumer goods, and the company expanded its activities already at the end of 2000, when a construction company specialized in the execution of construction-craft works began its work. From luxury villas, hotels, religious buildings to residential complexes, our company is proud of its rich portfolio of successfully implemented projects. In recent years, we have focused mainly on our own investments, so in our offer you can find properties that stand out on the market due to their appearance, content and quality.

The seat of our company is in Bar, a beautiful seaside town whose beauty inspired us to expand our activity into the field of tourism in 2007. Witnessing the fact that more and more people from different parts of the world are discovering the beauty of our region, we realized that expanding into the tourist market is a step that will bring numerous advantages and opportunities for the growth of our company. One investment led to another, so today we are proud to highlight the operations of the luxury hotel Kalamper with 4+ stars and its annex building, then two beaches with a beach and cocktail bar, cafe-pizzeria and Kalamper apartments. All these tourist facilities are located on the coast of Veliki Pijesak, a fairy-tale tourist resort only a ten-minute drive from the center of Bar.

Carefully researching the needs of the market, in 2011 the company expanded its activity in another segment – the sale of petroleum resins. First, the gas station “Kalamper Petrol” was opened in Bar, as part of which a modern Caffe Bar, shop, and car wash were opened. After Bar, the company opened gas stations in Ulcinj and Virpazar and quickly became the leader in the sale of petroleum products.

Our dedication to providing the highest quality services, a personalized approach to each client and careful listening to their needs and wishes, has enabled us building trust and long-term relationships with our clients.

We have grown with the rapid evolution of technology and economic changes, which has enabled us to adapt to a demanding environment and remain relevant and competitive. However, we still strongly cherish the values that have guided us from the very beginning – integrity, honesty and concern for our customers, employees and the community in which we operate.

Over 30 years with you...

We are proud of the fact that we have been present on the market for more than 30 years, during which we have continuously developed and recorded constant improvement of our business. Through many years of experience and dedicated work, we have created a name that is a symbol of timeless quality and reliability. Time passes, trends change, but our commitment to excellence remains unchanged.

The development of the company requires large investments, but also a responsible approach to market requirements. That is why we have directed our business in the course of global trends in the areas in which we operate.

From the fitst day, our mission has been to provide the best products and services on the market, and we believe that the quality we have demonstrated does not become obsolete, but only becomes more valuable with time. That’s why we’ve always invested in research, innovation and education to ensure our customers get the best value for their money.

For years, we have carefully listened to the needs and feedback of our clients, used their suggestions to improve our services and adapt to changes in the market. In this way, we managed to remain relevant and competitive in a dynamic business environment.

Our desire to grow has never stopped. Over time, we expanded our business to new market areas, and our ability to adapt to new challenges and opportunities allowed us to rise above the competition and achieve numerous successes. We have invested in the development of new products and services, technology and human capital to ensure continuous growth and progress.

The trust and support of our clients, associates and employees motivates us to continue progressing and bringing positive changes to the community and the world in which we operate.

We are looking forward to new opportunities that will allow us to continue building a long-term business based on quality and innovation.

Socially responsible business

The company Kalamper has been successfully operating on the Montenegrin market for more than 30 years, and it has built its reputation as a leader on proven values, which it is always consistent with.

The interests of the company are focused on the improvement of general social conditions, on the promotion of true values as well as on a clearly defined awareness of social responsibility. Responsibility for the progress of the local community is embedded in the foundations of the corporate culture and identity of our company.

In this sense, since the beginning of its operations, the company has allocated significant funds for projects aimed at raising public awareness of certain problems, as well as improving the quality of life of those who need help the most.

Our responsibility is reflected in the allocation of significant funds for socially vulnerable categories of the population, for participation in humanitarian actions, for assistance to health institutions, assistance for treatment of individuals, as well as in donations to organizations that deal with providing assistance to vulnerable categories in society.

Bearing in mind the importance that sport has in growing up and in life in general, the Kalamper company allocates significant funds to help sports clubs and supports the organization of various sports competitions. In addition, we have helped educational institutions of all levels in Montenegro several times, and we continuously provide scholarships for a certain number of students, guided by the fact that good and quality education should be available to everyone.

We have been awarded several times by the Union of Employers of Montenegro for socially responsible business, and over time we have received numerous recognitions from various organizations, public institutions and individuals for the contribution we make to our society.