Kalamper Construction

Many years of experience guarantee quality

The construction company Kalamper, specialized in high-rise and low-rise construction, began operating at the end of 2000. Since the day of our establishment, through successful management, professional approach, obtained jobs, as well as quality performance and compliance with agreed deadlines, we have become well-known in this industry and gained the trust of a large number of clients.

Our portfolio includes well-known hotels, religious buildings, residential complexes, villas, apartment and residential-tourist buildings throughout Montenegro.

In the field of construction, we provide services for the development of projects and project documentation, we build residential and other buildings according to the “turnkey” system or according to the wishes of the investor, we carry out excavations, removal of materials and provide field arrangements.

In our work, we apply the most modern standards, technology, and materials in construction.

In addition to the construction of a large number of buildings, both low-rise and high-rise, we also specialize in the construction of turnkey gas stations. So far, we have successfully built 20 gas stations on the Montenegrin market.

Also, we continuously work on the construction of residential and business projects that we put on the open real estate market for sale. Over time, we have been recognized as an investor who best understands and fulfills the demands of clients, which makes us very proud.

We approach each project with great care, and our services always have a high quality of workmanship.

In our construction projects, we are guided by the idea of meeting the demands of our clients efficiently, quickly and with maximum quality.