Discover a unique way of buying apartments with the Kalamper company

Kalamper company presents you with a unique opportunity that will allow you to realize your dream of owning your own home in the easiest possible way. Now you can buy an apartment under construction, in our building K Residence, through a special offer that we have created for you in partnership with Erste Bank.

Aware of the fact that there are a large number of people who have a secure job but do not have a valuable real estate that they can pledge in order to raise a housing loan, we have decided to stand behind them as a company with a reputation and be the guarantor of their future real estate until the moment it is registered in the cadaster.

After the building is finished, we transfer ownership of the apartment to the bank, and the moment the buyer pays off the loan, he officially becomes the owner of the apartment in official documentation. In this way, we stand behind our clients, providing them with additional security in the credit process.

With no mortgage and no extra costs, we provide the opportunity for buyers to focus on enjoying the process of creating their home and to plan their future with ease. Freedom of choice, flexibility in repayment and peace of mind are the key words that describe this offer.

Do not miss the opportunity to become part of this innovative project and take the first step towards buying your own home in K residence in the center of Bar!

For more information, contact us at phone number: +382 69 913 333.

Your future, your home – with us it’s possible!