Organized Traditional New Year’s Celebration

Last night Klamper company organized a corporate celebration that gathered employees and management in a unique event dedicated to summarizing business results, collective entertainment and deservedly rewarding the best employees.

For years, Kalamper has achieved lower results that make each year even more successful than the previous one, and the celebration was the right opportunity for employees to relax and celebrate the achievements of joint work.

“This is the moment to thank our team for their diligent, loyal and team work. When we look back at the achieved results, we see that we are recording continuous growth and business characterized by the highest level of dedication and professionalism. Our employees are our strength and pride, and we are happy that our team consists of 220 members, to whom we owe the results achieved in the year we are leaving behind,” said Elvir Kalamperović, the company’s manager on this occasion.

The celebration unfolded in an atmosphere of joy and unity, and we believe it served as motivation for future challenges for all of us.

Ready for new stories and business endeavors, we eagerly await everything that comes in the year 2024 with joy!